Lumi Lumi Safety & Functionality

Lumi Lumi Safety:

“Safety Beacons and Pathfinders: A Glow for Guidance”

The Lumi Lumi aggregate can be used for many things that involve safety. The Lumi provides “Safety Beacons” that can help people safely negotiate dark pathways, alleyways, steps and landings, patios; indicators for ponds or swimming pools/pool copings (the Lumi will glow underwater!); walls that need to be seen (and not heard….with a car bumper or a kneecap); basically and simply…..any area that needs a glow for guidance.

The Lumi Louver Series are great aids that help people safely navigate extremely dark areas.  The Lumi Louvers can be used on stair risers and treads, on walls or on posts, rocks as well as many other surfaces.   All of our Lumi Louver products are filled with Green Engineered Cement and are laden with copious amounts of Lumi Lumi Aggregate that provide an eye catching glow.  Currently the Lumi Louvers come in 2-shapes, round and rectangular however custom Louvers will be made upon request.   There are many possible uses for the glowing Lumi Louvers and our website only shows only a few.   

Lumi Louvers:

Our Step Lumi Louvers are used primarily for stairs but can also be used on walls.  The Louvers  are 8” long x 2 ½” wide and are made of non-rusting heavy gauge stainless steel.  The Louvers come with sleeves attached so that the louvers can be screwed into concrete or wood.  Marine grade epoxy may also be used to fasten the Lumi Louvers to materials like metal or stucco.

The Lumi Rounds:

The Lumi Rounds are 5” diameter pieces that can be fastened onto posts, stumps, or epoxied onto large rocks, wood, concrete, metal, or any particular item whether it is seen as a dangerous protrusion or hazard.  The Lumi Rounds can be used as markers in the dark; or simply to demark where a particular object is located on a dark night.

Lumi Buttons:

The Lumi Buttons are 1 1/16” rounds that are typically set flush into the treads of concrete to mark where the top edge of a step.  The small rounds are epoxied into pre-drilled holes either in wood or concrete.

You may find that the Lumi Step Louver will be exactly what is needed for your walls or steps that are otherwise hard or impossible to see on dark nights. The Lumi Step Louver that acts like a step louver powered by 110 or low voltage, but does not require batteries, electricity, or electricians. The louvers will assist pedestrians find steps that are dark areas and they will never need to have a light bulb replaced -- thus, the Return on Investment (ROI) is obvious.

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