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Tom Ralston Concrete Logo10 minutes of sun Provides 10 hours of solar light!

What is Lumi Lumi?

The Lumi Lumi is an array of revolutionary handcrafted products that are used in gardens as ornamental art, on pathways as guides, and on steps for safety. Also pool decks, patios, concrete countertops; basically, any concrete surface imaginable are absolutely stunning at night!

The Lumi Lumi product is solar and does not require batteries. Ten minutes of sunlight, direct or indirect, will provide up to 10 hours of glow. Once ou have entered into the Realm of the Lumi, we think you will agree that we have tapped into artful applications that are unique blends of form and function.

Lumi Lumi products are pieces of art that are made from combinations of Luminescent Aggregate and Green Cement. Throughout our site you will see multiple settings where we have achieved safety features and different artistic effects.

Lumi Lumi is developed by Tom Ralston Concrete, a third-generation concrete contractor in Santa Cruz, CA.

Thank you for visiting our site... smile and enjoy! 

Uses and Benefits of Lumi Lumi

firepit150The Lumi Lumi aggregate can provide safety and functionality that is aesthetically pleasing in various forms. Lumi Louvers create step lights without the use of electricity. Please browse the Safety and Functionality page of the site for examples of how Lumi Lumi can be used to make your property safer. View the Safety/Functionality Gallery for great photos!

Lumi Lumi Pools, Patios and Surfaces are beautiful, safe and require NO electricity. Great for "off-the-grid" lighting solutions. View the Pools Gallery and the Patios Gallery for beautiful images of some uses of Lumi Lumi. Read about how to Get Lumi Lumi for your pool deck, patio or other surface.


lumi-earth-at-night-100wLumi Lumi Balls are beautiful and decorative and can also be very functional as solar pathway lighting in dark areas of a property that cannot have wired lighting for whatever reason. View the Lumi Lumi Ball Gallery and read about how to Get Lumi Lumi Balls.

Lumi Lumi Pavers can light your path beautifully. Read about Lumi Lumi Pavers on the Get Lumi Lumi page.


milky-way-night150wLumi Lumi Paintings are incredible enhancements to your outdoor or indoor decor. Check out the incredible Lumi Lumi Paintings Gallery.

Lumi Lumi Speaks to the Sun...Sings to the Moon


Lumi Lumi ®